Google AdWords it’s Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide in 2019


“Hey there, I want to open behind the curtain that Google AdWords is to most people and show you what it is, how to get started and how to reverse engineer your way to success”.

If you know the costs and margins of your products, AdWords is a really easy way to get your money’s worth, often boasting a ROI in the hundreds of percentage points.

ROI return investment for google adwords

[ROI return investment for google adwords]

If you don’t know what is ROI means, it`s (Return On Investment).



Here is list section of article you can use as quick jump:





What is Google AdWords?

Great question, simply google AdWords is display your ads from deafferents google platform and third party [Google search, YouTube, Apps and third party], by Managing  your campaign and targeting audience. With choosing minimum and maximum CPC [Click Per Cost].

google adWords display ads

[google adWords display ads]

Type of Google AdWords display

There is five type of ads display google provided as you can see below

  • Ads search, here you can display your ads on google search by targeting keywords later down will explain what important keywords.
  • Ads search right page or content [its same above option but different position].
  • Ads shopping products, this great option for who have E-commerce store to display his products to audience by targeting searching of them and it`s displayed like shopping online.
  • Ads on YouTube, almost people watching YouTube in these days! Are you agree with me? So many companies targeting their audience by making video 30 Sec to 1 Min of ads and more on YouTube.
  • Ads in Apps, Who not use mobile today?!, According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, there are now over 8.98 Billion mobile connections worldwide from date posit this article . it’s great idea to put your ads in a mobile App.
Type of google adWords display ads

[Type of google adWords display ads]

Let’s start your first-time using Google AdWords to be fully covered knowledge about it



Creating AdWords account first time

Go to AdWords platform

As you can see in image you should have GMAIL account to sign in from top right corner  and to fill information required to enter AdWords platform  option


how to sign up in google adwords

[See how to sign up in google adwords]

That done, It`s very simply. right? 😉




Google AdWords dashboard

You can see this is dashboard of Google AdWords users starting from overview your campaign

  • [Overview] Here is chart display your campaigns trucking.
  • [Tools] At this section is tools you can edits (Planning, Shared Library, Bulk Actions, Measurement, Setup). More explain below
  • [Reports] Managing reports that you would like to truck it .
  • [Go To] Searching for campaigns or tools that can fast helping you
  • [Overview] Managing your campaigns from add new one till reports campaigns. Will explain how to add new campaigns for first time.
  • [Settings]From here you can edit your campaigns
  • [Locations] is set a setting for targeting your audience of campaigns
  • [Changing History] view out what happen action in your account.



google adwords dashbord

[google adwords dashbord]

  • Overview

Here no need more expain just to show you how is your camping going

  • Tools


Performance Planner

it is can help you forecast how well your campaigns will do

Keyword Planner

Provide to option first Discover new keywords, Second keywords search volume and forecasts

Ad Preview and Diagnosis

Is for Preview and Diagnosis your ads how is going on by desktop or mobile and tablet

Display Planner

This tool for forecast display your campaigns.



Audience manager

Managing your targeting audience from many option lists, insights, sources

Bid strategies

It`s for automatically bids campaigns, a portfolio bid strategy, and performance of an existing bid strategy


Negative keyword lists

Edit, remove or apply negative keyword lists.

Shared budgets

Apply a budget to any campaign, or create a new one. Bear in mind that you’ll need to keep each shared budget large enough to cover all of its campaigns

Placement exclusion lists

Create and edit placement exclusion list



There have rules, script, rules option like add Campaign rules, Keyword rules,Ad rules, Audience rules etc.…




This is important as explain in this article to tracking keywords, ads, ad groups and campaigns drive the customer actions that you care about: purchases, subscriptions, app installs, phone calls and more.

Google Analytics

To measure and view your google analytics account.

Search attribution

For Attribution overview



Billing & payments

Set-up bill information, set a currency, Tax information,  and payments details

Business data

its link to your account at google my business

Policy manager

to provied and isse from google adwordes

Account access

Invite others to access account with managing authorization

Linked accounts

Connect your account with others app like google analytic.


Your preferences account from set-up a language and time zone etc.

Google Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center helps you get your store and product info into Google and make it available to shoppers across Google. That means everything about your stores and products is available to customers when they search on a Google property.


  • Reports

Predefined reports (Dimensions)

There are many options to get report of your account Google adwords.




Customize your dashboard by add note, Table, Chart, Scorecard.


  • Go To

Find out quickly that you need in google AdWords platform

  • Overview

General campaign overview Settings

  • Settings

Campaign settings is sort and edit of your Campaigns

  • Locations

Set-up for Targeting audience, Exclude audience, Per shop report

  • Changing History

Changing History of your account that happened



How to pick a keyword

Its samples just Head over to the Google keyword planner and start searching.

Let’s say our product [sunglasses]

Look to words have try it

keywords planner of google adwords

[keywords planner of google adwords]

[Cheap sunglasses, buy sunglasses, buy sunglasses, buy sunglasses online]


Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.  😊😉


If you were looking to buy sunglasses online, what would you enter into the Google search bar?

Type in exactly that.


Once you go to the keyword ideas tab, you’ll see the monthly search volume for your keywords in that region, plus the average CPC for each one.

Search results for keywords in google adwords

[Search results for keywords in google adwords]

From this, you can see that only 10K 100K people per month in the US search for “ cheap sunglasses”, but it costs almost SAR8.14 per click to advertise for that keyword.

Not such a great deal.

“sunglasses” on the other hand, has 100K-1M searches per month, but only costs SAR8.78, on average.

That’s a solid start!

How can you keep these coming?

Always start with branded searches.


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How to Calculate an AdWords budget

Find Your Target Keyword CPCs

As we are talking above in section [How to pick a keyword] you cane target your perfect keyword click per cost [CPC]

Now, you may be wondering how the heck do you find all the CPCs for keywords.  It’s actually really easy because Google provides you with the Keyword Planner Tool.  Search for your target keywords and the Keyword Planner tool will give you an estimate for how much each keyword will cost per click.  Note that these are estimates so you may pay more or less.




Testing Time Frame

It’s important to realize that you need to go into an ad campaign with a realistic time frame in mind.  As you’ll see later, the time frame will depend on your budget and it also depends on your industry.  There simply may not be enough search volume for your target keywords to get leads and sales data in 1 month.  For example, “mortgage broker” is searched 9,900 times per month in the US.


If 1% of the searchers click on your ad, then you would get 99 clicks from that particular keyword.  Is it realistic that you would get a sale from only 99 website visitors?  Probably not.  Of course, you’ll be targeting more than one keyword.  The goal here is to make sure there is enough search volume for your target keywords to achieve your goals within your time frame.  Plus, if you have a longer time frame, then you can spread out your monthly budget across multiple months.




Your Sales Cycle

This step is easy.  What is your typical sales cycle?  If it’s over 1 month, then obviously you’ll need to test for multiple months to get decent data from a test campaign.  If your customers buy within 1 day, then you know you’ll get almost instant feedback from the campaign once it starts.




Your Sales Conversion Rates

The final step before we can calculate your budget is to use your sales conversion rates.  In my example above, we estimated that we can drive about 99 prospects to our website from the keyword “mortgage broker.”  There are at least two more conversions that need to take place:


Prospect has to call, complete a webform, or visit your office after clicking on the ad

You have to close the sale

Let’s say your goal is to get the prospect to complete a webform to schedule an appointment.  A reasonable conversion rate for lead generation like this might be 5%.  So out of the 99 visits, about 5 will schedule an appointment.  I’ll assume 100% will show up for the appointment, which is not realistic, but makes this example easier. 🙂


Next, is your appointment to client close ratio.  Let’s make the math easy here and say you’re sales conversion rate is 20% (and the sales cycle is only a few days) so you would generate 1 new client.




Estimate Your Test Budget

Alright, now it’s time to put all this information together to estimate your test budget.  We already estimated we can generate 1 new client from 100 clicks on a targeted keyword.  Plus, we know our example keyword costs $13.76 per click, so it’s going to cost about $1,376 to generate one sale.


That means we need at least $1,376 for our initial test to get a sale within about a month, based on the CPC, search volume and sales cycle.  So if you only have $100/month to test, then it’s going to take about a year to test just one keyword.  It’s possible you’ll get a sale more quickly, but it’s also possible it will take longer than estimated to get that first sale.  In this example, I would recommend a budget of at least $2,000 to give this one keyword a fair shot.


As you can see, there are a lot of variables that go into estimating your AdWords test budget.  Play around with the Google Keyword Planner to find your target keywords’ CPCs and search volume.  Then run the numbers based on your sales cycle and conversion rates.




Customize your successful landing page


You’re about to spend money to get traffic. Right 😊

Let’s say in offline, for example, you want to make sure the store should be a great place and easy to people. Its same that for a landing page.


I need to make sure you understand that.

Which means, if your landing page sucks, you’ll lose all of that money ☹

Make sure that you’ve done everything possible to convert visitors, before starting to advertise. If you send 7000 people to your landing page through AdWords and convert at 1%, you’ll make $7000 with a $700 product. Imagine increasing that to 2%.


Tips for perfect for better Landing page

  • designs landing page colors are comfortable.
  • Make sure to arrange sections in a landing page.
  • Make your landing page mobile-Friendly.
  • Better to add a video on your landing page.
  • Encourage social sharing.
  • Only ask for the information you really need
  • Consider whether “To submit, or Not to submit?
  • Make the forms appear shorter.


perfect landing page help you tageting ads of google adwords

[perfect landing page help you tageting ads of google adwords]



Unique value of your ads

Having a unique value proposition (UVP) helps. It’s a one-sentence description of the benefits for your customers.

Be precise. You don’t have a lot of room to express yourself. So, be short and sweet.


order now


Remember the old Domino’s slogan?

“You get fresh, hot pizza, delivered to you in under 30 minutes – or it’s free!”

Spend some time thinking about how you’re different from anyone else. What can you bring to the table that your competitors don’t?


You don’t have to be original or clever. You just need to mimic what already works.


Example of value ads

google adwords ads headling value

[google adwords ads headling value]

That incorporating a number into the headline resulted in a 217% increase in CTR and 23% improvement in conversion rates

In other words, there are patterns to follow. Formulas to emulate. When someone types in, “Los Angeles Tax Attorney,” it means they actually want to find a tax attorney in Los Angeles.

So create a compelling ‘hook’ in your ad copy that grabs their attention. Make sure there’s a compelling value proposition.

But otherwise, don’t reinvent the wheel. Don’t be overly complex or clever at the expense of conversions.

Including a call-to-action is also tremendously important, too. The easiest way to get people to click your ad is to ask them to do so.  Without a clear call-to-action, your click-through rate will suffer.


Here’s a bad example to learn from.

Look at this ad that comes up for our keyword “sunglasses”.

bad google adwords ads headling value

[bad google adwords ads headling value]

Very long headline with domain!!, Relay!! 😊 and there’s no action that they prompt me to take.


What does that mean for me? Nothing.

They’re not telling me to do anything, so I don’t.

Another key factor is your display URL. This is the green link displayed beneath the title. It can be anything you want it to be, but the domain has to match the domain of your landing page.

You should always include the keyword here, for additional highlighting.

Keeping those factors in mind, create your ad.


How about this:


how to make perfect google adwords ads

[how to make perfect google adwords ads]

If our page is, we need to make that the display URL as well.

Pro tip: Remove the “http://” in your display URL to get more space for your keyword.

Let’s dissect the ad really quick:


“Get cheap sunglasses fast” is a headline that doesn’t solely rely on the keyword and thus stands out, but it is also an action people can take, which makes it clickable.

Display URL:

Again, we remove the http and added “cheap-sunglasses” at the end, so it’ll be highlighted in the search results and make our ad more relevant to searchers of the keyword.

Ad copy:

You only have 3 lines and we use 2 line to targeting, which isn’t much to get the message across. “Our Sunglasses are cheap with high quality and delivered within 2 days.” That’s as clear as it gets. Of course, cheap is always relative, but it sounds good enough to the searcher.

High quality: tell searcher it’s that not mean is cheap because of bad quality

Delivering within 2 days is definitely a bonus that most other Sunglasses stores might not offer (let alone mention in their ads).

Call-to-action (CTA):

“Order Now.” What more needs to be said? There is no exclamation mark, because Google isn’t big on those, but it’s definitely a good prompt to take action.



Tools you need for perfect ads

I suggest to you some of this tool if would like to help more and more of your campaign



Mangools can help you for Boost it all with powerful backlinks, bring your competitors under the spotlight, Start tracking your keyword positions, Analyze the search results in any location, Find the right keywords.



If don’t know who to build your landing page this Wix is very easy just drag and drop


Calculator Google AdWords budget:

HubSpot providing a prefect calculator Google AdWords budget you can use this for planning your campaign.




Tips to successful Google AdWords Campaign

Advice to you form who have a lot experience in this major, just after you complete this article, follow tips and keep it in your mind that will help you to make a successful campaign.


Here is a 6 Tips:

Tip 1: Planning for your campaign [ Free download Planning Google AdWords campaign template]

Tip 2: Use tools in Google AdWords Like [Keyword Planner] that will help you more.

Tip 3: Tracking behavior of site visitors from ads

Tip 5: don`t miss your targeting audiences without sales or contact with them.

Tip 6: Planning & strategies for ROI [return of investment] of your ads campaign.

Tip 7: If you don’t know how to do? asking experts it’s better than losing your money [Free consultation for you].




Conclusion: Congrats! And now?

Enjoy on your day and wait. I’m serious😊

Don’t sit at the computer, waiting for things to happen.


And, remember: Nothing matters without conversions.

It’s great if you can tell which ads get a better CTR, but, if they don’t get conversions, that also doesn’t help you make money.


What do you want to use Google AdWords for? Let me know the headline of your first ad in the comments.


Google AdWords

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